Tuesday, May 09, 2006

any computer expert out there? i need your help!

Have a safe flight Millie!! Have fun in Japan and don’t forget to bring me back some condom jelly and yaoi comics.

As many of you may have noticed, I haven’t been updating this blog as regular as before. This is because I haven’t really been home for the past week or so. I have been studying like crazy and spending endless hours downtown. To make it worst, there might not be any update (at least in the music department) for a while. I am writing this on my laptop as my desktop is acting crazy and I can’t logon (insert sad face here). I almost died because I have my last music exam tomorrow... but thank god for my ipod as I have previously uploaded all the songs I needed for my final on it!

So, that's the story... I have to get back to more studying now.


millie said...

Hey Jackman! i hope your exam went well. I'm here in Japan! for real! anyways, just wanted to say hello. flight was long but ok. so far, i've taken a shower and a nap. living it up!! lol. will write proper email later. p.s. hi bin bin!!

Jackman said...

omg, i’ve been so worry!!!! ...i couldn't sleep the night before you left! i was just about to phone jesse to see if you’ve arrived ok... anyways, have fun and i want to hear from your again very soon!!

Robin said...

glad to hear you're safe and sound my love... i hope you're livin' it up with more than just a hot shower and a nap.. cause girlfriend, you can do that here, go get some aids candy ok! ok!

bin bin for life

jackman said...

millie, now is your chance to make use of your blog... update your adventures from japan!