Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"oh, you let yourself in, how weird."

Wow, it is extremely late... 3:51am... but I just got my hands on the new Thom Yorke (Radiohead) solo album and I need to listen to it!!!!!!!! Any of you out there interested in hearing the album?... should I post the songs?

So, I am back from hiatus, sorry. The past week and a half has been extremely crazy but fun: it consisted of lots of movies and lots of parties, which were all part of the Insideout Festival. To top it off, everything was free… the screening as well as the galas... drinks!!!... I think I only spent like $10 the entire festival... goddamn sweet!!! I went to places that I’ve never been: the Spin Galley (the downstairs, where all the "regular folks" were smelled weird), blub (the wine I had was not that good... but it was free), 5th Elementt (nice place, nice patio, good martinis). The screenings that I went to were Loving Annabelle (not that good… I gave it a 3/5, but I want to change that to a 2!), The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (ok, but I did not like the pacing of the story), High School Confidential (shorts), Another Gay Movie, and the Queer Youth Digital Video Project (shorts). One of my favorites was School Boy Art, a short shown during the High School Confidential screening... it was really funny! Speaking of funny, Another Gay Movie was hilarious! I would recommend everyone (whether you are gay or straight) to see the film when it comes out. Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall), who plays the Dad character in the film was in the screening. Very cool! I was extremely impressed with this year’s Queer Youth Digital Video Project. I loved all the shorts, except for one, which I won’t name. The highlights were: Soldier, a short I did not really get, but it was extremely well made, and I absolutely loved the cinematography! In Search for My Chinese Girlfriend was very funny and it won the audience award for shorts, congratulation to Lisa! Nevertheless, Calling Out was of course my favorite! The only film I gave a 5 out of 5 to in the whole festival. It was a prefect plot for a short film; it is funny, great pacing, great editing, and great use of music! I also loved the concept behind Transsensual; Mother, Maybe I? is very sweet and heartfelt; while Belly has a fantastic narrative.

Other than the Insideout Festival, I picked up tickets for my convocation yesterday, which is taking place on June 21. I bought some hot pants and went looking for new shoes… anyone knows where I can find some plain dark grey vans??? I looked everywhere downtown yesterday and had absolutely no luck (insert sad face here). I finished To the Lighthouse, which is a pretty good book... way better than I expected. I started reading Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis... did I mention that my goal is to read around 20 novels by the end of the summer? I’ve completed two so far. I also got a new cellphone. Well, my uncle got it for me from Hong Kong... it is a little too high-tech for my liking, but I am slowly getting used to it. (btw, my number is still the same) I am totally hating this heat, I almost died yesterday shopping around downtown! I am sooooo NOT a summer person, I want winter to come back! I am also planning to go to Japan sometimes in the middle or end of July. That should be fun! I will try to keep a regular update... hopefully... I think that is all for now, hope you enjoy reading another long and self-centered rant by me!


Robin said...

Loving Annabelle was good, what the eff are you talking about 2/5!!!! YEah i almost died yesterday too, we had to go on an interview to mississauga and we had to wear business suits and the a/c at the place was not working and we didn't have any water or anything, i seriously thought I was going to faint.... did your parents turn on the a/c yet??? I'm trying to pressure taylor into buying a unit cause she doesn't have to pay for hydro, it's included... what are you doing tonight? There's a volunteer party and this place at jarvis and gloucster.. it's from 6-9... i might go, if not, are you coming down? do you want to go see a movie or something? or what about tomorrow? Anyways, i'm going to the cottage this weekend, so we should hang out either tonight or tomorrow night... oh I failed my second test for my finance course.. shit i think i'm gonna fail the course!

Jackman said...

woo... holy shit, that's a long comment!

Robin said...

yeah but you didn't address any of my questions!

Jackman said...

that is true.

Jackman said...

give me a call when you get off work

rian said...

hi there. you don't know me but i've been following your blog for a while. i discovered it through liam's blog.

i wanted to attend the queer youth digital video project screening, i sort of know the director of belly. but i was busy. what was his film about? i haven't had a chance to talk to him about it. i didn't see any of the films you saw, but i really enjoyed hard pill, a love to hide (it apparently won the audience award) and 20 centimetros.

anyway thanks for sharing all the mp3's, especially all the patrick wolf stuff. good stuff!

cheers. :)

Jackman said...

both hard pill and a love to hide sounded really good. i had a ticket for 20 centimetros, but didn't end up going. :( belly was really good!! it was basically about dave's struggles and triumphs in life brought by his belly (or being the "larger" kid). a fun short for sure!

i am glad that you like my patrick wolf posts, please feel free to leave more comments as i always welcome suggestions on how i can improve this blog!