Friday, May 12, 2006

crepi il lupo

Murder By Death is the most improved band of 2006. With their third release, In Bocca Al Lupo, they have come a long way since their Little Joe Gould days. In Bocca Al Lupo is a solid release. Their music has never sounded better: In Bocca Al Lupo combines classical strings arrangements with folk and rock rhythms. The most noticeable instrument has to be the cello as it adds great textures and it provides a smooth continuous bassline to all the tracks... I think the music on In Bocca Al Lupo would be shit without the amazing sound of the cello!! All the tracks are little short stories that deal with the themes of conflicts, crimes, punishments, deceptions, sufferings, etc. The combination of classical/folk-like arrangements along with the storytelling features make In Bocca Al Lupo feels like a musical or theatrical play. In addition, the vocal sounds dark and wise: closely resembles to Johnny Cash’s vocal style, which is definitely a perfectly fit to the narratives. Perhaps the highlight of In Bocca Al Lupo is that when you listen to the entire thing, it creates this Medieval or Baroque mood... very cool indeed!
Here's my suggest as to how you should listen to In Bocca Al Lupo: pop in the record, light a bunch of candles, pour some red wine, and go take a bubble bath…. hmmm… that sounds good… maybe I’ll do that tonight!

Boy Decide
One More Notch
Dead Men and Sinners
Organ Grinder

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In Bocca Al Lupo comes out on May 23, you can preorder it here or here

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