Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Patrick Wolf A to Z

The idea of Patrick Wolf A to Z is inspired by Sufjan Stevens A to Z and Daryl Palumbo A to Z, which are two wonderfully composed lists. Enjoy!

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A is for "A Boy Like Me"* (from Lycanthropy, Patrick’s first full length).
*Live @ X-Posure, 2003

B is for "Beastiality"*, an unreleased track that Patrick preformed live at London Calling on November 8, 2003.
*Live @ London Calling, November 8, 2003

C is for Capitol K, the man who released Lycanthropy. C is also for "Childcatcher"*, one of my favorite tracks from Lycanthropy.
*Live @ X-Posure, 2003

D is for "Demolition"* and "Don't Say No"^ (both from Lycanthropy).
*Lowlands Session
^Live @ X-Posure, 2003

E is for "Empress" (from The Patrick Wolf EP, which is a limited 12" with only 1000 pressing).

F is for Faith and Industry, a record label responsible for The Patrick Wolf EP.

G is for "Godrevy Point"* (a beautiful track from Wind In The Wires CD single).
*Marc Riley Rocket Science Session on 6 Music, July 2, 2005

H is for Halloween 2005, the release date for Tristan CD and 7" singles.

I is for "Idumea"* (from Tristan single).
*live on BBC 6 Music

J is for June 30, Patrick’s birthday.

K is for Kings Cross, which Patrick mentioned in the song "The Gypsy King"* (from Wind In the Wires).
*Live @ Motel Mozaique in Rotterdam, Holland, April 15, 2005

L is for Loog, the record label that is releasing The Magic Position. L is also for Lycanthropy, Patrick’s first album and the name for this blog.

M is for Maison Crimineaux, a band that Patrick was involved in. M is also for The Magic Position, Patrick’s new record.

N is Neverland, where Peter Pan is from, and "Peter Pan"* is a track title from Lycanthropy.
*Lowlands Session

O is for "Overture", a song title from Patrick’s upcoming release, The Magic Position.

P is for "Penzance"* (from The Libertine single); "Pumpkin Soup"^ (from The Patrick Wolf EP); and "Pigeon Song"# (from Lycanthropy).
*Live @ Motel Mozaique in Rotterdam, Holland, April 15, 2005
^Live @ Paradiso in Amsterdam, April 14, 2005
#Live @ X-Posure, 2003

Q is the level of thought that Mr. Ramsay reached in To the Lighthouse, which is a song title in Lycanthropy. (I know this is kind of a stretch, but I can’t think of anything else for Q)

R is for "Running Up The Hill"*, a Kate Bush song in which Patrick covers live.
*Live @ La Cigale in Paris September 12, 2005

S is for South London, where Patrick grew up.

T is for Tomlab, a record label behind Wind In the Wires and numerous singles. T is also for Trinity College of Music, where Patrick studied composition for one year.

U is for ukulele.

V is Virginia Woolf, who wrote To The Lighthouse, which is also the title of a song from Lycanthropy.

W is for Wind In the Wires, a song and album title.

X is for XFM, a live session Patrick did in 2005.

Y is for Yeats... that’s William Butler Yeats. His poem, "The Song of Wandering Aengus" is the lyrics to "The Hazelwood" (from Tristan CD single).

Z is for nothing... I can’t think of anything Z... suggestions?

***all the songs on this post are live tracks. If you want the studio versions, email me or go buy the albums and singles!!

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O is for obsession!!!

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W is for whatever!!!

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wonderfully lovely!



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Anonymous said...

Z might stand for his (so said) girlfriend ingrid Z who did a lot of pictures of patrick wolf..

Jackman said...

wow, that's great. thanks!

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