Thursday, May 18, 2006

all my friends were vampires...

So I have FINALLY watched The Devil and Daniel Johnston a couple of days ago. Finally is in capital letters because I have wanted to see the film ever since I heard about it back last September. It was my most anticipated film of 2006 for sure! So, did I like it? Would I recommend it? Of course I liked it… it is a great film! ...but I don’t know if I would recommend it... Let me explain, if you are familiar with Daniel’s music and art, and you adore both of those talents by Johnston but don’t really know too much about his life, I don’t think you should see the film. I thought, and still think that Daniel Johnston makes great, truthful music, but the film opened up things that I did not want to know as a fan of his music. My interpretations of the meanings and contents behind his songs are forever changed… the film kind of ruined the romantic ideas I had about some of his songs. I can never hear "Devil Town", my favorite track by Daniel Johnston the same way again... which is a little sad! On the other hand, if you don’t know really know anything about his work or his life, go see it, as Daniel’s life is beyond strange and interesting! Oh, who am I kidding… go see the freaking film... it is great! I would normally post a few tracks by the artists, but given what I have just wrote, I don’t think I will do that.

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