Monday, May 22, 2006

good lord, what a beautiful day for traveling, unraveling this heavy heart away

My total obsession of Patrick Wolf has led me to constantly search for live bootlegs, b-sides, remixes, or whatever... well, a few weeks ago, I came across three radio sessions that I don’t have... here they are:

Lowlands Session (2005) (rar. file)
Peter Pan
The Tower

Marc Riley Rocket Science Session on 6 Music (July 2, 2005) (rar. file)
Ghost Song
Pigeon Song
Godrevy Point

Motel Mozaique Session (2005) (rar. file)
Pigeon Song
The Railway House
Land's End

***all files have expire d, reload upon request

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Sarah said...

Stumbled upon these links a tad bit late, I'm afraid. Any chance of a re-upload?

Jackman said...

yes, for sure! i will do it very soon.

Sarah said...

Oh, thanks a bunch! It's apparently impossible to even find his cds around here, so I've been looking around the internet for what I can get.

AnneYgerne said...

You may also find permalink to download all these sessions, the videos and several bootlegs on

Hope you'll enjoy them :o)

Jackman said...