Tuesday, May 16, 2006

don't lose your face

I have the new Futureheads album for about a week and a half now. Their self-titled release in 2004 was one of my favorite albums that year; as expected, I had high expectations for News & Tributes. And surely, disappointments usually derive from such great expectations... so naturally I was dissatisfied with the new disc at first. However, that negative feelings kind of faded late last night. Right now, I don’t know if News & Tributes is better than their first release, but I think it definitely has the potential to have a longer lasting effect. News & Tributes is slower and sounds more mature, but it is still fun and catchy; I just wished there were more of that harmonic vocal style from their self-titled release.

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Futureheads are playing with Tapes n' Tapes on July 26 @ The Phoenix, tickets are on sale now
News & Tributes comes out on June 13, you can preorder it here

UPDATE WTF, Pitchfork did a review on the new Futureheads disc today too... damnit...

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