Monday, February 05, 2007

you're on the top when i'm low, as soon as you're fading i will grow

Back in 2004, Nikola Sarcevic released his first solo album, Lock-Sport-Krock. Since Millencolin was my favorite band during my first and second year of University, I was more than excited for Sarcevic’s solo project... but after hearing Lock-Sport-Krock, I was dreadfully disappointed as I thought the album was extremely weak both musically and lyrically! Late last year, Sarcevic released his second solo album entitled Roll Roll And Flee in Europe. I actually didn't care for it at all until maybe a few days ago… I listened to the record for the first time and it turns out to be a pretty fine album. There is more depth to Sarcevic’s lyrics and the music has more dimensions than those on Lock-Sport-Krock. So, even if you were greatly let down by Sarcevic’s last release, you should still give Roll Roll And Flee a chance as it is by far a better album!

From Where I'm Standing
Let Me In
Love Is Trouble
Roll Roll And Flee
The Law Of John T.

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