Thursday, February 01, 2007

he was a child of a difficult nature

I discovered Bromheads Jacket from their brilliant cover of The Streets’ "When You Wasn't Famous". After falling completely in love with that track, I was anxious to hear their full length, Dits from the Commuter Belt. Bromheads Jacket took elements from various artists and genres to create an unforgotten style that can be heard on Dits from the Commuter Belt. For instance, they recreated the vocal style and witty characteristic from Art Brut, and mixed that with similar loud and distorted sound of Death From Above 1979 and The White Stripes. The record is actually very garage rock and punk sounding: for the most parts, Dits from the Commuter Belt is fast, heavy and loud! I am also very impressed by their ability to create extremely engaging and amusing narratives.

What If's and Maybe's [wicked-cool song]
Going Round to Have A Word [wicked-cool song]
Poppy Bird [wicked-cool song]
Fight Music for the Fight [wicked-cool song]
One Nautical Mile
He Likes Them Airbrished
[wicked-cool song] $$$$the 1:51 mark of this track is beyond priceless!!!$$$$
My Prime Time Kid
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Anonymous said...

kudos for bigging up the band,i'm not sure they'd be happy with you putting their tracks out on yousendit files though