Saturday, February 17, 2007

that's when the audience died

Final Fantasy is playing two shows in Toronto next week!! Owen Pallett will charm the audience at Tranzac on Friday, February 23 at 8 pm as well as Saturday, February 24 at 2 pm. I am going to the Saturday afternoon show... see you all there!

from You're Worth More To Me Than 1,000 Christians by Les Mouches (Pallett's old band)
Carload Of Whatever [wicked-cool song]
Divorce The Ones You Love [super-wicked-cool song]
Little Poop [wicked-cool song]

from Many Lives -> 49 MP Single
The Miner Becomes Forgetful [wicked-cool song]
The Cn Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Lives Version) [wicked-cool song]
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buy You're Worth More To Me Than 1,000 Christians here
buy Many Lives -> 49 MP Single here


Anonymous said...

do you know if there are any tickets left for either show ...and where/how can i get them?


Jackman said...

umm... Soundscapes (572 College St.) may have some tickets left for the 2pm show, their phone number is (416)537-1620 if you want to check to see if they have tickets before going... other than that... Rotate This was selling, but they are sold out... if anything, try buying tickets at the door... good luck!!!