Sunday, February 25, 2007

let's sing a song about a woman's rage

It seems like forever since I have seen Final Fantasy live... well since last April... and yes, that IS a long time considered that I saw FF live 3 times in 4 months during the first quarter of 2006. Anyways, seeing FF yesterday afternoon at Tranzac reminded me why I think Owen Pallett is the best live performer in the world. Like the last time I saw Owen live, he featured the projection art show thing in the background again... the string version of This Lamb Sells Condos is priceless and he also played 2 or 3 new tracks. So, not that I need to say it, but the show was again pretty damn great! Everyone who has not seen Final Fantasy, you are indeed missing out!! You really need to catch him the next time he comes to your city... even if you are not the biggest fan of his music, seeing a Final Fantasy show is something that everyone must experience at least once!

see more photos from the show here

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