Wednesday, February 28, 2007

she doesn't know i know about it

Coming off of an ordinarily boring debut in 11:11, Maria Taylor is back with a surprisingly wonderful indie-pop follow-up entitled Lynn Teeter Flower. Tracks such as "A Good Start", "Smile And Wave", and "Irish Goodbye" all have this catchy-Regina Spektor-like-uplifting-melodies that can easily become huge radio hits. On the other hand, other tracks like "Clean Getaway" and "The Ballad Of Sean Foley" both feature this Jenny Lewis-ish folkie/soul style. While 11:11 was extremely unimpressive, Lynn Teeter Flower is actually a rather entertaining record and it shows Maria Taylor progressing as an solo artist.

A Good Start
Clean Getaway
Smile And Wave
[wicked-cool song]
Irish Goodbye
The Ballad Of Sean Foley
[wicked-cool song]
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Lynn Teeter Flower comes out on March 6, you can pre-order it here


Roland said...

I don't really think the new album is much of a departure from 11:11, so hating on it seems a bit odd.

Jackman said...

i just think her new album is musically better than 11:11!