Monday, February 26, 2007

it's you, who put me in the magic position...

Today marks the most important date of 2007: the birth of Patrick Wolf’s latest masterpiece, The Magic Position! It hits stores in the UK today and it will be available on May 1 in North America.

buy The Magic Position here

To celebrate the release of The Magic Position, I composed a My Soundtrack list dedicated only to Patrick Wolf songs. For those of you who are not familiar with the My Soundtrack list, go check out my post from last Thursday. Again, much like the other list, feedbacks are always welcome!

Opening Credits: Paris
Waking Up: The Magic Position
First Day of High School: Overture
Falling in Love: Short Stories
Fight Song: Souvenirs
Breaking up: Blue Bells (live from Patrick's flat)
Prom: Accident & Emergency
Sex Scene: Don't Say No
Mental Breakdown: This Weather
Driving: Bloodbeat
Flash Back: Pumpkin Soup
Proposing: Penzance
Wedding: The Hazelwood
Birth of a Child: A Boy Like Me, live at Benicassim Festival In Spain on August, 08 2004
Final Battle: Tristan
Death Scene: Idumea
Funeral: To The Lighthouse
***all files expire in 7 days **reposted on april 18, 2007

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Andrew said...

Great mix, taking all the rare stuff I don't have =)