Friday, January 19, 2007

national anthem of mallepa

It has been three years since the last Apostle Of Hustle album. Folkloric Feel was a great record; Andrew Whiteman carried the Broken Social Scene sound and kind of played around with it on that record. The same pretty much goes for Apostle Of Hustle's latest, The National Anthem of Nowhere... once in a while, you can hear the Broken Social Scene sound... the title track for instance, which is 100% BSS sounding. However, I think that Andrew Whiteman tried very hard to get away from that; as a result, there are a handful of interesting and unique songs on the record. Overall, The National Anthem of Nowhere is an alright release. While half of the songs are good, I don’t really care for the other half. In the end, I must say, Folkloric Feel is by far, a much finer record.

My Sword Hand's Anger
National Anthem of Nowhere
Cheap Like Sebastien
A Rent Boy Goes Down
[wicked-cool song]
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The National Anthem of Nowhere comes out on March 6, I will post pre-order information as soon as it becomes available


Liam said...

that's too bad, cause I loved folkloric feel.

Jackman said...

I know... Folkloric Feel is so good!!