Monday, January 22, 2007

lovers all talk in spits and tongues, fight in the playground bully each other

It is almost impossible to pinpoint which genre Jamie T belongs to. His wide range style extends from punk and alternative rock to 2-step and reggae... that’s right, Panic Prevention features styles from acts such as Art Brut, Larrikin Love, Mystery Jets, Babyshambles, and even The Streets. For most parts, Panic Prevention is a noisy, up tempo record. Jamie T’s vocal style is loud and in your face, but at times, there is also this witty quality in it. Indeed, Panic Prevention is very original and it will definitely take at least several listens to sink in all the musical elements.

Brand New Bass Guitar [wicked-cool song]
Salvador [wicked-cool song]
So Lonely Was The Ballad [wicked-cool song]
Back In The Game [wicked-cool song]
Ike & Tina [wicked-cool song]
If You Got The Money [wicked-cool song]
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Panic Prevention comes out on Janurary 29 in the UK, you can pre-order it here

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Liam said...

Panic prevents disco!!