Monday, January 29, 2007

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Patrick Wolf has posted a new message on MySpace,

Dear universe

This is so boring to have to write, but I guess it is the only place it will make any impact, I just read an email "review" of my new record that mentioned "annoying skipping noises" on the song "finale".
thankyou very much for thinking I am the kind of person that likes to use glitches and cut ups, as I have in the past in some of my productions. But no there are no annoying skipping sounds in the finale of the magic position.. You are indeed listening to the bad quality leaked version of my album that is travelling around the internet right now on everyones computers.
It is so funny because I intentionally worked around very pure hi fi sounds for this album, I banned myself from distorted beats or glitches or bitcrushing all my audio to death, i was into making paradise music. I guess at mp3 level or whatever it is people download at these days its not likely you get to hear what I hear when I sit at the mastering suite with my headphones on full of joy.

Half of me says.. hooray.. the revolution starts now.. free music for everyone let them eat cake! but then the other half of me says, I have just spent a year and a half of my life creating and nurturing something that I want to share with the world that unfortunately meant I didnt have the time to be a cocktail waiter anymore.

I started releasing records when the internet as we know it now was still in its infancy, when you pressed up 1000 copies of your record, you counted every penny that came back in from sales so that you could afford to pay for the recording of the next record. This is still my aesthetic, despite the world around me becoming more pirate like as I go on. The worst part is that "the album" as an artform is in extinction. Should I be part of the dying breed that keeps speaking in a language that no body wants to hear anymore? I will if I have to.

Ive just been listening to my friend Bishi's new album "Nights at the Circus" and for the first time in years I had that moment of pressing play and listening right through to the last song.. I followed her on an adventure, suspended my belief and shut out the speeding city around me. Then again when I knew I needed some nourishment, I went and did the same thing... like opening the wardrobe, parting the old rabbit skin coats and walking through the back oak panel and off into you very own wonderland. I will be sad if we lose these things, when I am eighty, I will still be organising the last year of my life into fourteen or so songs, like putting your favourite photos into a book to share with friends.

Anyway, I was just sad when I found out not only was my recent work was being heard in the wrong way.. at bad quality and worst of all skipping too, it also reminded me of the whole downloading music prematurely and for free issue, without artwork etc that still perplexes and worries me when I see the amount of out of work and penniless talented musicians and visionaries around me.
Be wise my lovely people!
xx patrick

p.s despite sounding like a music teacher in this message I am in a glorious mood.. I cant wait to hit the road very soon. Lots of exciting events are taking place.. so many new adventures and music to be made.. I will share these with you in due course. In the meantime I better get back to practising my dance routine for the new video, I also have to buy a pigeon from the local pet shop.. wish me luck!

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