Friday, December 29, 2006

top 5 eps of 2006

To continue the "best ofs" posts, here is my list for the top EPs of 2006:

5. Boy Crazy: Whale Songs To Kensington Garden
Whale Songs To Kensington Garden is a loud, progressive instrumental rock EP... it’s like The Mars Volta with the synthesizer... and minus the singing.

Egyptian Plover And The Crocodile


4. Jeremy Warmsley: Other People's Secrets
Other People's Secrets not only showcases Warmsley’s ability to create catchy pop-songs, but it also displays his talent to create outstanding multi-layers music.

Modern Children

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3. Klaxons: Xan Valley
Xan Valley has made Klaxons’ coming full length one of my most anticipated albums of 2007.

Gravity's Rainbow


2. Tokyo Police Club: A Lesson In Crime
This EP is pretty much perfect. If you like The Strokes, The Walkmen, or even The Libertines, be sure to check out Tokyo Police Club.

Nature of the Experiment


1. The Horrors: The Horrors
The Horrors is an exceptional garage/punk rock band. This Iggy Pop-The Stooges influenced band is already making some big impacts in the UK, and with a full length expected to come out in the new year, The Horrors is sure to be one of the biggest bands in 2007!

Death At The Chapel
Crawdaddy Simone


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