Sunday, December 17, 2006

i died listening to this

Recently, there is this trend to put out remix albums by popular indie bands. In mean, Bloc Party and Death From Above did it last year, and Feist did it early this year... and the latest album to be remixed is last year’s critical acclaimed album, In Case We Die by Architecture In Helsinki. I was quiet excited to hear how on earth In Case We Die can be remixed, and after hearing We Died, They Remixed, this excitement significantly transformed into great disappointment. I found that most of the remixes somewhat annoying and I grew impatient of the disc quite quickly. However, with that being said, there were two fine remixes by YACHT and Hot Chip... but that’s all... don’t bother with We Died, They Remixed, just stick with In Case We Die for now!

Neverevereverdid (Cave Rave Remix YACHT)
Do The Whirlwind (Hot Chip)

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