Friday, December 01, 2006

saddle creek all-stars

Commander Venus featured a number of important players from the Saddle Creek family: not only was it fronted by Conor Oberst, but the band included Tim Kasher of Curisve and The Good Life, as well as members of The Faint... crazy!

Do You Feel at Home?, 1995
1. Peppermints
2. Showcase Showdown
3. My Other Car Is A Spaceship
4. Judy Blume
5. Radio Announcer
6. It Is Fun To Grow Ornamental Peppers
7. Callin' Sooyoung
8. When Two Vowels Go Walking, The First One Does The Talking
9. Sunny Slope
10. Pennsylvania Made You Sick
11. Do You Feel At Home?

The Uneventful Vacation, 1997
1. Jean's TV
2. Refused by Light
3. We'll Always Have Paris
4. The Uneventful Vacation (Part 1)
5. Lock 'n' Chase
6. Life as Expected
7. The Way Things Had to Be
8. Dress to Please
9. The Walk-Around Problem
10. My Collapsing Frame
11. The Raining Holiday (Part 2)
12. The Role of the Hero in Antiquity

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