Friday, December 08, 2006

p. wolf vcast iii!!!

OMG, yesterday post title: Where is Patrick Wolf vCast Episode 3??... today: Patrick Wolf vCast Episode 3 is up!!! Anyways, I’ve converted the video cast into mp3 format, you can download the full song + interview or just the song, "Augustine" below.

The Patrick Wolf vCast - Episode 3
Augustine (live from Patrick's flat)

***files have expired, reload upon request


Liam said...

It's funny how he talked about how he wanted all the songs for magic position to be uplifting and happy, and so far all of them except accident & emergency (and stars but that doesn't count) have been, at least for me, sad piano ditties. Also this doesn't include Augustine cause I haven't listened to it yet. Afraid, Ari's Song, Underworld, etc.

Also look!

Jackman said...

haha... you should go look at my profile photo now...

Jackman said...

i think half is sad-ish and the other half is upbeat, "happy"... kind of like lycanthropy, i guess.