Monday, December 04, 2006

blow me

If The Blow were to put out an instrumental version of Paper Television, and you had absolutely no prior knowledge of what The Blow sounded like, you would easily categorize it as a hip-hop, R & B, or 2-Step/Garage record. That is because musically, the record uses all elements from those genres (plus many many more), making it an unbelievably fun and dancy album to listen to. In a way, The Blow’s Paper Television is like half of Mates of State... by that, I mean, with the same (if not more) type of energetic up-tempo style, but doing that with one vocalist. So I guess if you like Mates of State, check out Paper Television by The Blow.

Pile Of Gold
The Big U
[wicked-cool song]
The Long List Of Girls [wicked-cool song]
Eat Your Heart Up
Pardon Me
[wicked-cool song]
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