Tuesday, December 19, 2006

top 30 songs of 2006

Here’s the list for my favorite 30 (well… more like 32, but who’s counting!?) songs of 2006:
I’ll post the top 30 albums list tomorrow or Thursday… stay tuned!
[Please comment and tell me your favorite songs of 2006!!]

30. Ris Paul Ric: Purple Blaze
29. American Distress: Fraudulent Times
28. The Early November: Decoration
27. The Streets: When You Wasn't Famous
26. Regina Spektor: That Time
25. Ryan's Hope: Exorcism
24. MC Lars: Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)
23. Underoath: There Could Be Nothing After This
22. Jeremy Warmsley: Dirty Blue Jeans
21. Cold War Kids: Saint John
20. My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parade
19. Scott Walker: Jesse
18. Klaxons: The Bouncer
17. Mickey Avalon: My Dick & Roll the Dice
16. Thom Yorke: The Eraser
15. Anti-Flag: The Press Corpse
14. Manchester Orchestra: Sleeper 1972
13. The Format: Dog Problems
12. Set Your Goals: An Old Book Misread
11. Moneen: The Day No One Needed To Know
10. The Raconteurs: Level
9 .
Tilly and the Wall: Love Song
Patrick Wolf: Accident & Emergency
Plan B: Sick 2 Def
Final Fantasy: This Lamb Sells Condos
MC Lars: Generic Crunk Rap
Cursive: Bad Sects & Retreat!
The Terrible Twos: We Can All Get Along With Dinosaurs
The Strokes: Heart In A Cage
1. The Florists: Stolen Love
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Anonymous said...

Sowing Season (Yeah) by Brand New and Writing on the Walls by Underoath

Anonymous said...

oh and i think you forgot : only skin by joanna and hips don't like by shakira. you so silly!

Jackman said...

also the game's "it's okay(one blood)"... that should be on the list!