Sunday, December 03, 2006

fool yourself, surprise your friends...

Moneen recently released a dualdisk EP/DVD combo: the EP features an unreleased track as well as four acoustic versions of songs off The Red Tree while the DVD contains four songs performed live at the Opera House in Toronto back in June 2006.

1. Prepare Yourself... The Worst Is Yet To Come (Previously Unreleased)
2. This Is All Bigger Than Me (Acoustic)
[wicked-cool song]
3. There Are A Million Reasons For Why This May Not Work... And Just One For Why It Will (Acoustic) [wicked-cool song]
4. The East Has Stolen What The West May Want (Acoustic) [wicked-cool song]
5. The Song I Swore Never To Sing (Acoustic) [wicked-cool song]
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buy Saying Something You Have Already Said Before dualdisk EP/DVD here.

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