Tuesday, November 28, 2006

you never lie but it's no fun to tell the truth

There’s a request to repost an Alkaline Trio song... here it is... enjoy!

***file has expired, reload upon request

Buy the Mercy Me [Single] here.


Anonymous said...

Dude when do your christmas vacation days start? We have to watch some of that twelve kingdoms, and after that start getting deathnote.

Jackman said...

i think my last day is on the 15th... are we going to watch twelve kingdoms from the start? or should i watch the first few by myself first?

btw, deathnote looks sooooo good... i'm going to see if i can buy that in chinatown or something!!!

Anonymous said...

yo pick me up some of those tiny pancakes when you go into chinatown.

Jackman said...

omg, i heart tiny pancakes from the town of china!!!