Thursday, November 30, 2006

month-end-mixtape no.1

It’s the last hour of November, and I am introducing the first of a new ongoing monthly feature called End-of-Month-Mixtape . This "mixtape" features songs (old and new) that I’ve enjoyed and listened to particularly more than others through the month of November.

1. Brand New: Sowing Season (Yeah)
2. Radiohead: Paranoid Android
3. The Libertines: Death On The Stairs

4. Salyu: Ai no Jikken
5. The Walkmen: Rock Around the Clock
6. Zombies: A Rose for Emily
7. The Shins: Phantom Limb
8. My Chemical Romance: Teenagers
9. The Florists: Stolen Love
10. Kate Bush: In Search of Peter Pan
11. Bloc Party: Where Is Home?
12. Hot Chip: Boys From School
13. The Velvet Underground: After Hours
14. Patrick Wolf: Overture (Live on XFM with John Kennedy October 17, 2006)
15. The Beatles: A Day in the Life
16. Mickey Avalon: My Dick

***files have expired, reload upon request


Anonymous said...

Would it be completely ridiculous of me to ask for you to upload the Salyu song again? She is love.

Jackman said...

the salyu song is back up, sorry it took so long!

Anonymous said...

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