Sunday, November 05, 2006

i read every review... they all prefer you...

Look, someone made a children’s book based on Pete Doherty... I want it!

Live acoustic session entitled The Freewheelin' Pete Doherty:
1. Albion [super-wicked-cool song]
2. Can’t Stand Me Now [super-wicked-cool song]
3. Kilamangiro [super-wicked-cool song]
4. Back From the Dead
5. Don’t Look Back Into the Sun
[wicked-cool song]
6. HaHa Wall [wicked-cool song]
7. Blackboy Lane [wicked-cool song]
8. Hooray for the 21th Century [super-wicked-cool song]
9. Conversation Diva [wicked-cool song]
10. Pipey Magregor
11. East of Eden
12. The Whole World is Our Playground
[wicked-cool song]
13. Darling Clementine [wicked-cool song]
14. The Ballad of Grimaldi [wicked-cool song]
15. There She Goes [wicked-cool song]
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