Tuesday, September 18, 2007

out this week

PJ Harvey: White Chalk Single
First single off PJ Harvey’s stunning 8th studio album, White Chalk.

When Under Ether [super-wicked-cool song]

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Babyshambles: Delivery Singles
Brand new Babyshambles single supporting their new album, Shotter's Nation, out on October 1st!!! You can get the single on two CDs and a 7"!!!


buy Delivery Singles here

Kevin Drew: Spirit If...
A surprisingly great solo debut by one of the founding members of Broken Social Scene. It features many BSS motifs such as uneven and unorderly dynamics, melodic and unwinding timbre, and the big and triumphant sound.

Farewell To The Pressure Kids [wicked-cool song]
Back Out On The... [wicked-cool song]

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Basia Bulat: Oh, My Darling
Oh, My Darling is a collection of some very gorgeous tunes and it is an ideal companion for those peaceful autumn walks.

Little One [wicked-cool song]
(see my review for Oh, My Darling a few posts ago for more songs)

buy Oh, My Darling here

Example: What We Made

Milk Your Goat
Popcorn & Fisticuffs [wicked-cool song]

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Dropkick Murphys: The Meanest Of Times
Be sure to add this celebratory fast tempo and raw vocals album to your Celtic punk collection!

Tomorrow's Industry [wicked-cool song]
(F)lannigan's Ball [wicked-cool song]

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Akron/Family: Love Is Simple
Love Is Simple is wonderfully jam-packed with chants, weird noises, as well as witty and unusual interlopes to create an utterly strange atmosphere from start to finish.

Ed is a Portal [wicked-cool song]
Of All the Things [wicked-cool song]

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Motion City Soundtrack: Even If It Kills Me

Last Night
Point Of Extinction

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Les Savy Fav: Let's Stay Friends
This is one fine indie rock/post-punk record! ...and I absolutely LOVE the album cover!!!

The Equestrian
Brace Yourself [wicked-cool song]

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