Sunday, September 16, 2007

don't you know it's bad luck to stay in one place for too long

About two months ago, a reader recommended an artist named Basia Bulat based on my love for St. Vincent. Boy, what a great suggestion! To a degree, Basia Bulat’s debut, Oh, My Darling does remind me of St. Vincent, especially songs like "I Was A Daughter", "Snakes And Ladders", "Little One", and "The Pilgriming Vine" where the rich instrumentals produce some beautiful multi-texture layers of music. On the other hand, tracks like "Little Waltz", "Bird Of Paradise", and "Secret" are as bare and as gentle as songs from Dear Companion by Meg Baird. Oh, My Darling is essentially a collection of some very gorgeous tunes and it is an ideal companion for those peaceful autumn walks.

Little Waltz
Snakes And Ladders [wicked-cool song]
Secret [wicked-cool song]
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Basia Bulat: Oh, My DarlingOh, My Darling is out in Europe via Rough Trade and it will hit stores in Canada tomorrow (18)!


Tricia said...

"...ideal companion for those peaceful autumn walks."

Very nice, very very nice.

Anonymous said...

She is playing two CD release shows at The Music Gallery this Saturday, if you don't know already.

Jackman said...

Yea thanks, she's also play for free at Soundscape tonight at 6.

Anonymous said...

hmm, and I was just thinking that this was more of a summer album.