Saturday, September 22, 2007

if you don’t sleep then i won’t sleep, we’re such close friends that we’re the best of friends

At the moment, I am sort of crazy about Cutting Pink With Knives’s latest album, Populuxxe even though I have only been listening to it for a few days. Populuxxe is an experimental electro scremo album... I guess I probably need to explain that a little. If I have to compare, Cutting Pink With Knives’ style closely resemble The Blood Brothers. They have similar tempo and guitar works; in addition, their vocal delivery occasionally reminds me of The Blood Brothers as well. Likewise, Cutting Pink With Knives is also like Enter Shikari, but better because their music seem less serious and less ambitious. With the longest song running at only 2:19, Populuxxe is fast, wild, and exceptionally energetic!

St. Mark
See Emm Sea
Laser Hannon
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