Saturday, September 15, 2007

i like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater

Early this week, I saw White Williams (a band which I had no prior knowledge of) open for Girl Talk. I was pretty impressed with their visually stimulating set; in fact, I enjoyed their performance so much that I bought their CD, Smoke, after the show. White Williams is one of those bands that is very difficult to categorize because their sound is very diverse and their style derive from so many different styles/genres. With that being said, let me try my best to describe what White William sound like: ultimately, Smokes is a strange sounding album that combines ambient noise with electronic elements. The addition of Kevin Shields and Grizzly Bear-like low-key vocal style helps to create a psychedelic and lethargic feel. Indeed, Smokes is a superb debut; but White Williams live is even better and you should definitely try to make it to one of their remaining Girl Talks dates or catch them open for Battles later on this fall.

New Violence [wicked-cool song]
The Shadow
Route To Palm [wicked-cool song]
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White Williams: SmokeSmoke comes out on October 30, stay tuned for pre-order details

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