Thursday, September 20, 2007

is this all you care about?

I don’t usually compare bands to The Arcade Fire; however, I have no choice but to reference them to describe Forward March! by The Strange Death of Liberal England. TSDOLE’s (unfortunately short) debut album carries a very similar musical quality as The Arcade Fire. For instance, the music of Forward March! is full of very rich and grand scale marching band-like sound. Likewise, the arrangement of a song usually begins with quiet and simple instruments that eventually crescendo to multi-layers instrumentations and vocals is also very Arcade Fire like. I must note that The Strange Death of Liberal England is NOT an Arcade Fire rip-off band, it just so happened that both bands utilize similar musical motifs. TSDOLE are fresh and promising; in fact, I prefer them over The Arcade Fire as Forward March! is an outstanding record.

Modern Folk Song [wicked-cool song]
An Old Fashioned War [wicked-cool song]
I Saw Evil [wicked-cool song]
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The Strange Death of Liberal England: Forward March!buy Forward March! here

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