Tuesday, April 04, 2006

did I say how much I heart test(ic)icles!?

That’s the band Test Icicles, you perverts! I think I mentioned them a little when I posted how much I dislike the Artic Monkeys. But I think they deserved a post all to themselves. Their new cd, For Screening Purposes Only is so amazing! (and yes, I use amazing to describe everything) There is nonstop energy in their studio album, I can’t imagine what they are (were) live. But unfortunately, I will never find that out because Test Icicles have disbanded… only about a month after I discovered their album. So sad, there’re tears running down my face right now. Anyways, go check out For Screening Purposes Only, to quote from my pervious post: “the album combines the sound of hardcore and dancepunk, as a result, it is noisy and dancy all at the same time!” Haha, I’m so egocentric – quoting my own blog… whatever losers!
I don’t feel like uploading songs right now… but maybe later, I have to go eat now.

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