Monday, April 10, 2006

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Ok, where to start??... So, Final Fantasy last night was again, pretty great! It was my third time seeing FF live in 2006, and I must say, all three shows were quiet different and amazing in their own ways. (you can read about the first two shows here) Last night show was at the Music Gallery, which is basically a church. Seriously, artists and bands should do more shows in churches; the atmosphere is always amazing and they produce the best sound. So, like the New Amsterdams show, the opening acts sucked! They were all pretty boring, especially the second act: Matias. I swear half of the people were sleeping during their performance. They were horrible... totally unbearable! I think they only played for like half an hour, but it felt like 2 hours!!! Shit, talking and thinking about them makes me want to go to sleep. I don’t know if I want to see the opening acts for Yeah Yeah Yeahs show tonight?!?! Anyways, back to Final Fantasy. He had this whole projection art thing in the background throughout his entire performance yesterday. They were like random drawings and silhouettes of castles, kings, the CN Tower, etc. I thought those were very neat.

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So, here’s the weird part: During the wait for Final Fantasy, this woman, who ended up being Owen’s friend, sat beside my friend Liam. She was filming the performance on her super8 or something. So, Liam gave her a glance and she started talking to him. So, to make this long story short, she was like, “do you want to come backstage after the show and I can get Owen to sign your CD...” I thought she a little crazy aka bullshitting, but after the show, she came to us and brought us backstage. (which was very nice of her) We meet Owen and Liam got He Poos Clouds signed. After, we just stood there, not knowing what to do... it was extremely weird and awkward!!!!
Nonetheless, go here to see pictures from last night show. They are kind of blurry as I was too scared to use the flash.

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