Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the zookeepers' top 5 albums of 2009

I love reading others' year-end lists, especially from musicians that I love and respect. So I was beyond thrilled to get The Zookeepers to tell me their five favourite albums of the year. Here is the list:

1. JEFF the brotherhood: Heavy Days
2. St. Vincent: Actor
3. Yea Big + Kid Static: The Future's Looking Grim
4. Clues: Clues
5. Lightning Bolt: Earthly Delights

The ZookeepersBallin’ Outrageous was my 5th favourite album of the year and Artrocker’s #1 album of 09… well deserved! Don't forget, you can download it for FREE over at the band’s site; or if you prefer to own a physical copy of Ballin’ Outrageous, you can purchase a handmade CD by emailing the band! Follow them on Twitter!

Coming soon: my favourite EPs, 7-inches and Songs of the year and top 5 lists from Let's Wrestle and Dananananaykroyd (OMG!)

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