Saturday, December 19, 2009

the shitty limits' top 5 albums of 2009

So far, I am not really surprise to find some common interests in the top 5 lists from The Zookeepers, Let's Wrestle and Dananananaykroyd. Of course, there are bands on those lists that I have never heard of, but that’s why I love reading peoples’ lists—to discover new music (I am looking forward to hear more from Kylesa). Nevertheless, when I asked The Shitty Limits about their top 5 of the year, I didn’t expect to get an entire list of bands I have never heard of. Here is the list from The Shitty Limits (note that the band didn’t give me the actual titles of the albums and I had no luck with Google search either):

Love Triangle: first 3 7"s
Faults: debut LP
TV Party: 4th LP
Four Letter Word: 11th LP
Hygiene: 2nd EP

The Shitty Limits' loud and explosive album, Beware the Limits was #10 in my top 30 of 09 list; you can order the vinyl from La Vida Es Un Mus (UK/Europe/Japan/AUS) and Sorry State (Canada/USA) and in CD format from Boss Tuneage (UK/Europe/Japan/AUS) and Wallride (Canada/USA). Visit the band's MySpace here.

I am going to take a little break, but come back on Monday as Mr. Charlie Fink from my favourite band of the year—Noah And The Whale—tell us his top 5 of 2009!

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