Monday, December 21, 2009

grammatics' top 5 albums of 2009

So I lied. The Noah And The Whale top 5 will not be up today (tomorrow for sure, I promise!) Nonetheless, I have a very attractive top 5 albums of 2009 list by Owen from Grammatics... I totally agree with Future Of The Left, I am so in love with that album at the moment!

1. Blue Roses: Blue Roses
"Doubtful Comforts" sounded like a magical lost classic the first time I heard it. There's plenty more than that particular track to fall in love with across Blue Roses debut, especially power-ballad (!) "I Wish I" which is full of beautiful sweeping moments. Also, check out b-side "Moments Before Sleep", a great lost track of 2009.

2. Future Of The Left: Travels With Myself and Another
Made me feel five years younger, getting ready to go out in a black shirt and red tie, listening to The Icarus Line and McLusky Do Dallas. Thank God someone made a ferocious rock album and remembered to write some actual songs again.

3. Bat For Lashes: Two Suns
One of the best gigs I attended in 2009 was Bat For Lashes at Leeds Met... few people can walk onstage in a pair of peach dungarees and be loved all the more for it.

4. Ramona Falls: Intuit
Ramona Falls is Brent Knopf from Menoma's side project. "I Say Fever" is my favourite track of the moment, full of eerie subtleties and laid-back grooving vocal lines... also home to the hugest sounding drums I've heard in a long time.

5. PJ Harvey and John Parish: A Woman A Man Walked By
PJ Harvey back to her bluesy stones-esq best. Sonic Youth squall and haunted tranquilised vocals decorate album stand-out "Black Hearted Love". Also made me dig out To Bring You My Love again.

Grammatics’ amazing debut/my 4th favourite album of 09 is out on Dance To The Radio, go here to buy the CD and here for the 180g double gatefold vinyl. Follow Grammatics on Twitter and visit the band’s MySpace here.

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