Thursday, March 20, 2008

we'll wait with knives after class!

Jemina from Be Your Own Pet left a message on the band's MySpace bulletin today:

i kno​​w eve​​ryo​​ne is sup​​er con​​fus​​ed wit​​h the​​ thr​​ee mis​​sin​​g son​​gs on the​​ US alb​​um.​​ we did​​n't​​ choose​​ for​​ thi​​s to hap​​pen​​ and​​ we'​​re not​​ try​​ing​​ to fuc​​k any​​one​​ ove​​r wit​​h giv​​ing​​ the​​m an unf​​ini​​she​​d alb​​um.​​ uni​​ersal​​ dec​​ide​​d tha​​t bec​​ky,​​ bla​​ck hol​​e, and​​ blo​​w yr min​​d wer​​e "to​​o vio​​len​​t" to be rel​​eas​​ed.​​ tal​​k abo​​ut a bum​​mer​​ tim​​e! the​​y gav​​e us the​​ cho​​ice​​ of cha​​ngi​​ng the​​ lyr​​ics​​ and​​ rer​​eco​​rdi​​ng the​​ son​​gs,​​ or to hav​​e tho​​se thr​​ee son​​gs rem​​ove​​d fro​​m the​​ alb​​um.​​ we dec​​ide​​d to rem​​ove​​ the​​ son​​gs,​​ bec​​aus​​e we don​​'t thi​​nk the​​re'​​s any​​thi​​ng wro​​ng wit​​h the​​ lyr​​ics​​ in the​​ fir​​st pla​​ce!​​ we are​​ goi​​ng to rel​​eas​​e tho​​se thr​​ee son​​gs on a spe​​cia​​l ep tha​​t's​​ goi​​ng to com​​e out​​ thi​​s sum​​mer​​. sor​​ry we did​​n't​​ mak​​e an ann​​oun​​cem​​ent​​ soo​​ner​​. we'​​ve bee​​n doi​​ng so muc​​h pre​​ss abo​​ut how​​ the​​ alb​​um got​​ fuc​​ked​​ in ame​​ric​​a, tha​​t i gue​​ss we ass​​ume​​d tha​​t mos​​t peo​​ple​​ alr​​ead​​y kne​​w. wel​​l, hop​​e tha​​t cle​​ars​​ som​​e thi​​ngs​​ up.​​

This is absolutely ridiculous… too violent?? Universal targeting BYOP to elementary school children? This is really a downer for North American fans as "Becky" is the best song on Get Awkward and "Black Hole" and "Blow Yr Mind" are both great too! I am still quite surprised and disappointed that Universal banned those songs from the album... nevertheless, I have put up links to the songs below, so feel free to download them... if you can handle the violence!

Black Hole [wicked-cool song]
Becky [super-wicked-cool song]
Blow Yr Mind [wicked-cool song]
***all files expire in 7 days or until bandwidth reaches its limit

visit Be Your Own Pet MySpace here
buy the uncensored UK version of Get Awkward here

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