Wednesday, March 19, 2008

portishead: third

Here is my two cents on Third, the highly-anticipated new album by Portishead:
  • Beth Gibbons’ "witch-like"/weird voice is gone
  • The absence of scratching/turntable effects

  • Pros:
  • Gibbons’ voice is still gorgeously haunting
  • Gibbons’ voice also sounds vulnerable at times... absolutely stunning!
  • Musically more rhythm driven than previous albums
  • The majority of the album sounds like something from 1970s Italian horror flicks!
  • Machine Gun (my favourite song of the moment) is the first single
    Although not necessarily "trip-hop" sounding, Third still possesses the classic Portishead sound quality. It is a magnificently dark and surreal album by a timeless band.
Silence [wicked-cool song]
We Carry On [wicked-cool song]
Machine Gun [super-wicked-cool song]
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visit Portishead's MySpace here
Third comes out on April 28th, you can pre-order a beautiful looking limited edition box set here


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this album is amazing. i listened it here: