Friday, March 14, 2008

the superfantastics: choose your destination

I have been very lucky with my band choices during Canadian Music Week. In the past years, I fell in love with bands like Great Lake Swimmers and The Nymphets; this year, I discovered a wonderful duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia called The Superfantastics. Being very impressed by their set at Criminal Records last Saturday, I bought Choose Your Destination, a five songs 7" EP from the band. Much like their performance that night, the EP is full of the duo’s charming vibes; in addition, it is full of catchy indie pop songs with cheesy but very adorable lyrics. Take "Van Gogh", my favourite song from the EP, it opens with "you are art, I want to hang you from my wall. You make a perfect addition to my living room and kitchen, not hanging alone in some gallery hall..." sure, it is cheesy, but something about it makes the song an absolute delight to listen to. Even if you are not completely satisfy with the songs I posted below, I think every music love should buy Choose Your Destination because it has one of the coolest packaging ever: it comes with a pair of old-school blue and red cardboard glasses so you can look at the cover as well as the booklet in 3-D awesomeness to the max!

Van Gogh [wicked-cool song]
The Astronomer [wicked-cool song]
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buy Choose Your Destination EP here

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