Monday, March 03, 2008

the billionaires: really real for forever

The first time I listened to The Billionaires’ Really Real For Forever, my immediate reaction was "oh god, not another poppy, cutesy indie boy-girl band!" Nonetheless, for whatever reason, I decided to give the record another try, and a few more listens later, I was convinced that Really Real For Forever is more or less a pop sensation! What really hooked me in is the band’s memorable opening lines/delivery to some of their songs: "please come back for one more summer, come on guys we can get on with our lives next year..." is sung on top of a heavily synthesized melody in "The End Of Summer Song"; "I Love You Mother Nature" opens with polyphonic voices chanting "I love you mother nature, take my babies to the ocean"; slow dance like rhythm is accompanied by "I was raised on these movies, and the message is groovy, oh I used to want a gun" in "Eighties Movies"; and finally, "Butterflies" begins with a clapping section along with the cheesy "will you be kind? Let your heart shine..." opening lines. Really Real For Forever is full of entertaining pop songs and really ridiculously catchy melodies. It is recommended for those who like Tilly And The Wall and The Format.

The End Of Summer Song [wicked-cool song]
Eighties Movies [wicked-cool song]
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Really Real For Forever comes out on April 1st, pre-order info coming soon

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