Sunday, March 16, 2008

boris: smile

Boris latest album, Smile is a fascinating exploration into a loud, melodic, and mysterious world. It features eight ambitious genre blending songs. The variety is really limitless here: there is the rhythm driven opening track "Messeeji", the ultra noisy and distorted "Hanate!", a gentle and melodic "Hana, Taiyou, Ame", and the shoegaze sounding lullaby in "Tonari No Sataan". Certainly, this record will leave many listeners frightened and confused; but in the end, the band’s experimentation with sampling, noise, punk, and metal make Smile a wonderfully unique experience.

Messeeji [wicked-cool song]
Buzz-In [wicked-cool song]
Hana, Taiyou, Ame [wicked-cool song]
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Smile comes out on April 29th, you can pre-order it here