Friday, March 14, 2008

"my vessel brave......."

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Hello my dears

Well, Ive been deep in my introverted, investigative mode recently searching for a resonance within myself, wandering through museums and through libraries, finding the next communication to give to the world.
Although I have years of songs all heavy on my hands begging to be heard, released....
I am still very cautious of releasing songs when they are not fully formed or in context of a current climate, personally and public.
I trust I have enough time on this earth that I will be able to get all of these songs heard before i’m gone

I always feel at the beginning stages of making my albums that I have to almost select the twelve strongest stories and connect them via bloodtype, make a family out of them, make a home for them, connect the dots to create a whole, a possession for you to own... its a tricky proccess. The writing of the songs is easy, the putting together is the puzzle game.

After the magic position, I have decided to leave the circus behind, those days are done, It is time to embrace a new age, a stronger, darker, battlefield, warrior, tyburn tree, internal investigations, operations of broken and fragmented heart, to analyse the open endless roads I have travelled in the last six years years...

I wish I could just invite you all over for a long night of stories, log fires and vats of mulled cider or strong hot tea and talk this all over but in my game I have to condense these stories and songs into a record... I will have to edit myself...

anyways.. i am going back to my roots now. after travelling travelling travelling from continent to contintent I find I am happiest and most productive when close to my birthplace. yes.. i am south londoner again and it feels fantastic.

when i was fifteen or so I worked in a sandwich shop, making very bad sandwiches for busy people in wansdsworth that was managed by a lady who used to play me and my sister, who also worked at the shop for a while, heavy 2-step garage and what I guess would go on to be grime on cassette tapes she had recorded from last nights local pirate radio broadcasts... thats when I first started getting obsessed with pushing the limit of beat programming and time signatures, so solid crew were the first stars that came from sw london, after ultimate kaos, who i saw open the new virgin megastore in wimbledon by doing backflips around a ghetto blaster, happy days ... anyway, i guess i am suggesting I am reconnecting to my roots, when you find your roots, you become stronger and can grow into new dimensions and I am finding mine again... im researching gaelic folk songs, all kinds of gaelic, back to my west cork irish roots, the migrations of my ancestors, in my youth the clonakilty buskers festival did so much positive damage to my 8 year old brain that I spent the first five years of my teenage-dom hungering for an accordion, then using all my violin practise time to make up my own reels and turn the violin to a fiddle..

And too, I just want to say hello, and keep you a little informed of the journey I will take as I make this next album, like my mother said with a paintbrush in her hand, the future without the past is barren wasteland.....

I must sleep now... ive had a mad day of moving a harspichord, a virginal, clavichord, a piano, a dolls house and too many outfits from one side of london to another, from my new home, now is time to rest and digest... good things are coming our way... bloody chamber music will be starting up very soon too, after slow teething problems, its on its way, in its new south of the river home ready to cross those bridges to you...

goodnight brothers and sisters, sleep well, or wake well

sail away, sail away my vessel brave
sail away, sail away my vessel brave...

x pw

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