Friday, July 13, 2007

oh baby my snake is a shark tonight

Last year’s critically-acclaimed album Show Your Bones, saw the departure of the angry and aggressive Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Show Your Bones was certainly more toned down and a more mature album than their pervious record, Fever To Tell. On July 24, fans of Fever To Tell will be trilled for the release of a new YYYs EP entitled Is Is. The EP features some of the commanding and raging qualities of Fever To Tell (you can especially hear that in Karen O’s vocal in "Rockers To Swallow", "Kiss Kiss", and "IsIs"); even so, like Show Your Bones, the music of Is Is is more controlled and more mature. Overall, Is Is projects a great balance between Fever To Tell and Show Your Bones, and I think that most YYYs fans will agree with me when I say that the songs from Is Is are some of the best recordings the bands has ever done.

Rockers To Swallow [wicked-cool song]
IsIs [wicked-cool song]
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Is Is comes out on July 24, you can pre-order it here


chrissie said...

man,IsIs sure is bloody good !!

Jackman said...

i know... i love that song a lot!