Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my legs hit the hurdle

It is 2:30 a.m., I am ecstatic and cannot sleep because I got my hands on the new M.I.A. album Kala about an hour ago! I have listened to the album once now and I’m listening to it again as I write this post. Compare to Arular, the new record is a lot more experimental. M.I.A. explores with infinite sounds to create some very unique and remarkable rhythms. I guess that’s all I can say about Kala for now as I haven’t really had a chance to examine the record deeply. Nevertheless, I can say that Kala sounds great and some of the more notable tracks for me include "Bird Flu", "Boyz", "$20", "Down River", "XR2", and my favourite at the moment, "Paper Planes".

Bird Flu [wicked-cool song]
Down River [super-wicked-cool song]
XR2 [wicked-cool song]
Paper Planes [super-wicked-cool song]
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Kala comes out on August 8th in Japan, 20th in the U.K., and 21st in North America; you can pre-order it here


Anonymous said...

the 'bird flu' video is amazing! you probably seen it already, if not, you can see it on youtube, http://youtube.com/watch?v=6Kq16GAuNcg

Anonymous said...

OMG, Paper Planes is amazing!

Kel said...

Bird Flu is the best single and Kala is the best CD of the year by far!