Thursday, July 05, 2007

no mother ever dreams that her daughters gonna grow up to be a junkie

Against Me! is one of the most consistent bands in the past decade. From their innovative debut full-length, Reinventing Axl Rose back in 2002 to their outstanding last record, Searching For A Former Clarity... oh, and not to mention all the in-betweens EPs, Singles, and a live album, Against Me! has over and over again spoiled their fans with top quality music. On July 10, the band will release a brand new record called New Wave. Once again, fans of the band, as well as punk music lovers from around the world will be treated with another incredible record. Possibly the best punk album of the year so far, New Wave features the classic Against Me! sound: loud energetic punk rock music with brutally honest and in-your-face lyrics. Without a doubt, the standout song will most likely be "Borne On The FM Waves" as it features Tegan Quin from the band Tegan And Sara... seriously, only Against Me! can make a relationship song sounds so political! Other highlights include "Americans Abroad", a song about commercialization... or more precisely, the problem of Americanization in none-US countries. Further, an Against Me! album would not be completed without songs like "Up The Cuts" and "Piss And Vinegar", which are both the band’s commentary on the music industry today. With New Wave, Against Me! has grown even further away from Reinventing Axl Rose, they continue to explore with new sounds; even so, the new record is unquestionably thought-provoking, it still carries many classic Against Me! characteristics, and that should keep old fans overjoyed for a long long time!

Up The Cuts [wicked-cool song]
White People For Peace [wicked-cool song]
Borne On The FM Waves (feat. Tegan Quin) [wicked-cool song]
Americans Abroad [wicked-cool song]
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New Wave outs out on July 10, you can pre-order it here

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