Monday, July 09, 2007

cover song of the moment

Black Flag released their first ever 7" EP, Nervous Breakdown, back in 1978. The EP is not the same Black Flag that most of the general public know; it was a pre-Rollins released... in other words, the entire EP featured Black Flag’s original vocalist, Keith Morris. Since the title track, "Nervous Breakdown", is my favourite Black Flag song, I have always been very interested to hear other band’s cover of it. So far, I have heard Rise Against, Gallows, and Ryan Adams’ version of the track. Although both Rise Against and Gallows’s covers are great, they are rather safe. On the other hand, Ryan Adams’ take of "Nervous Breakdown" is practically unique. He definitely put his own style to it as Adams transformed the hardcore punk anthem into a solo electric blues sensation!

Rise Against: Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
Gallows: Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
Ryan Adams: Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
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