Monday, July 16, 2007

i wanna run away, i wanna bring you too

I have never been a fan of Liars (the band... and people who tell lies). I tried to listen to their previous albums, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned and Drum’s Not Dead when they first released, but I was not very trilled by them. If memory serves me right, I thought the albums were too disjointed and they lack a sense of direction. Nevertheless, for the past week, I have been listening to their upcoming self-titled record (out on August 28), and I must say, I am kind of in love with it at the moment. The album is driven by a slight avant-garde undertone; Liars applied multi-layers of experimental instrumentations in a bundle of the songs. For instance, "Leather Prowler" composes of heavily distorted basslines, bizarre sounding piano rhythms, and echoing vocal while a noisy rhythmatic background and again, echoing vocal is the foundation of "Pure Unevil". I might be crazy to think this: but the vocals on some of the tracks like "Plaster Casts of Everything" and "Sailing to Byzantium" sound very similar to the vocal style of Klaxons! Liars is an album that features a vast level of sophistication. It explores with a range of musical ideas from interplaying with multiple genres to experimenting with sound effects. Yet, the album as a whole does not feel scattered as the songs interlock with one another, creating a very cohesive sounding record.

Plaster Casts of Everything [wicked-cool song]
Leather Prowler [wicked-cool song]
Freak Out [wicked-cool song]
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Liars comes out on August 28, you can pre-order it here


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