Monday, July 02, 2007

my face is drawn on with this number two pencil

Every so often, an album is so good that I cannot stop listening to it. That is certainly the case with St. Vincent’s debut full-length entitled Marry Me. Perhaps one of the reasons why I love the record so much is because Marry Me sounds like something straight out of a classic motion picture. I feel that the way the songs are composed and especially the sequence of the songs contain a very soundtrack-like quality, as if Marry Me was written specifically for a film. St. Vincent also incorporates multiple genres: the album stretches from pop to experimental style. This interplaying with various styles can be heard right from the beginning as the very poppy and upbeat "Now, Now" is interrupted by the heavy grunge-ish guitar riffs. On the other hand, songs like "Paris Is Burning", "Land Mines", and "Human Racing" have a certain show tunes/Tin Pan Alley quality to them. In addition, "All My Stars Aligned" belongs in a piano bar while "What Me Worry?" is the perfect classic blues ending. This was actually a rather difficult review to write because of the unique and very hard to describe sound of St. Vincent; but one thing for certain is that Marry Me is one of the most engaging musical journeys in recent years!

Now, Now [wicked-cool song]
Your Lips Are Red [wicked-cool song]
Paris Is Burning [wicked-cool song]
Land Mines
What Me Worry? [wicked-cool song]
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Marry Me comes out on July 10, you can pre-order it here


Anonymous said...

good post, I love her
you should listen to Tacks the Boy Disaster, she and the guy in that band were both in Polyphonic Spree or something and are from the same place and they're both equally amazing

Jackman said...

cool, i heard a few good songs on Tacks the Boy Disaster MySpace page... they also have a pretty cool video for "Forget Me Not" too! you should check that out if you haven't already.

the YouTube link for the video:

Anonymous said...

can you please put the songs up again????!

Jackman said...

all the songs are up... enjoy!