Wednesday, June 06, 2007

turn the key over and over...

Patrick Wolf has the most impressive collection of b-sides in music right now. From early wonders such as "Penzance", Nico’s "Afraid", "Souvenirs", and the Yeats tribute "The Hazelwood", P. Wolf has showcased his magnificent musical talent in non-album forms. His latest, The Magic Position, has yet another lovely collection of b-sides. He has already brought us "Ari's Song" (Nico), "Underworld", "Adder", and "On Sussex Downs" (Larrikin Love) ; however, if those are not enough, you can now add "The Marriage", "Augustin", and "Secret Garden II" to quench your thirst. The lyrically brilliant song, "The Marriage", is in my opinion, Patrick’s most sexual song to date. It is an extremely intimate and delicate track. "Augustin" and "Secret Garden II" should have been produced as one track rather than two different tracks. They fit so well together, it is really a crime to split them up!! "Augustin" is lonely without "Secret Garden II" while "Secret Garden II" sounds incomplete without "Augustin". Therefore, you need both "Augustin" and "Secret Garden II" together to complete "The Marriage"!

Augustin from The Magic Position 7" Sinlge - Part I [wicked-cool song]
Secret Garden II from The Magic Position 7" Sinlge - Part II [wicked-cool song]
The Marriage from The Magic Position CD Sinlge [super-wicked-cool song]
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buy The Magic Position 7" Sinlge - Part I here
buy The Magic Position 7" Sinlge - Part II here
buy The Magic Position CD Sinlge here


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

oh my...would you be able to re-upload these tracks? it would be appreciated so so much...i'm dying to know how "the marriage" sounds!

please please, and thank you if you do!!

Jackman said...

the songs are up again, enjoy!

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Desertshore said...

Can you please re-upload the songs from the vinyl?

Jackman said...

The links should all be working now!