Monday, June 25, 2007

i am 100% pro portugal. the man

Last week, Portugal. The Man posted a couple of messages on MySpace addressing their new album, Church Mouth, being leaked:

First Bulletin:

Oh shit, I forgot to mention our record leak....

Go download it. Give yourself the tastes. Feel free. I will find out if there is some way we can stream it from here or whatnot, I know myspace has restrictions so I guess we may need to get in contact with them....

it is on oink for sure and i know people on our forum had put up links...

go grab it up

Second Bulletin:

Response on downloading leaked records... +links for more

...Thanks very much for the giant pile of responses to the first post about the leak, some very kind words for sure. We are just relieved to know that people can finally hear the new album. We got a lot of emails thanking us for "allowing" people to download church mouth. We are 100% pro-downloading in every way. It is huge. Having said this....

The reality is, downloading music and leaked records can hurt bands, first week sales especially. This is a very important time for bands. Everything that we do is based on numbers, and as much as we completely disagree with the awkward systems, at this point it is what it is. We offer the option to download the music because we are very happy with what we are doing and fully behind it. We don't write albums based around singles or write songs solely to fill out the record. It wouldn't matter if we offered it now, later, or at all, it would find its way to the file sharing sites regardless. We would much rather "you" hear the album in advance and make the decision to pre-order/purchase from and indiestore/us/or not at all based on your opinion rather than the amount of ads you see. As before, we are happy with Church Mouth. If you feel you want to support the band it is very appreciated and it will help us to continue what we are doing. If not, well shit, you probably would have downloaded it anyway and we can't blame you for that...

01. Church Mouth
02. Sugar Cinnamon
03. Telling Tellers Tell Me
04. My Mind
05. Shade
06. Dawn
07. Oh Lord
08. Bellies Are Full
09. Children
10. The Bottom
11. Sleeping Sleepers Sleep
12. Sun Brother
***all files expire in 7 days or until bandwidth reaches its limit

Church Mouth comes out on July 24, go to this link for pre-order deals


Anonymous said...

cool, i have never even heard of this band, but i want to hear them becuase of their messages from myspace

Jason said...

i agree. this makes me want to hear the band as well!